Fully automated microplate washer / PW series

micro-Plate Washer



Fully automated microplate washer/ PW-N56

It fully automates the reproduction work of microplates safely and accurately.

  • Full Automation: Tap water→Chemical immersion→Dry
  • Each process of tap water, chemical immersion, rinsing of demineralized water, and air blowing can be selected.
  • The processing time of each can also be selected.
  • It is possible to manage the time while washing. (Elapsed time, remaining time, etc.)
  • Sterilization treatment can be done by plate immersion with chlorine/carbon based cleaning.
  • No need to worry about rust as it is all stainless steel.
  • There is a switching mode that can use the cleaning fluid repeatedly.
  • Cleaning fluid is monitored by a pressure monitor to ensure the certainty of rinsing.
  • Microplates are available in 120-/96-hole permanent, rigid, and other types.

Product specification

Product Name Microplate Washer
Type PW-N56
Size 1120(H)×1400(W)×750(D)
Power Supply 3-phase 200V 30A 50/60Hz
Weight Approximately 240 kg
Housing Material All stainless steel
Plate Type 96/120 hole plate (permanent, rigid)※1
Cleaning number 56 pcs (Fixed)
Cleaning Method Nozzle / Jet system
Cleaning Process Six process selection: Tap water / Blower / Cleaning fluid / Chemical immersion / Rinse demineralized water / Blower (Maximum of 6 processes)
Control panel Touch panel
Cleaning Setting Process selection and cleaning head reciprocating number program input for each process
Attached tank Demineralized water: Approx. 60L, Cleaning fluid: Approx. 100L
Cleaning water amount Tap water : Approx. 25L/min, Demineralized water: Approx. 20L/min
Message Japanese display
※1:A dedicated plate supply rack is required for rigid plates. This specification may be changed without prior notice.

Standard Components

Microplate Washer itself 1 unit
Plate supply block 4 blocks
Tap water / Demineralized water nozzle 1 set
Drying nozzle 1 set
Demineralized water tank 1 unit
Cleaning water tank 1 unit
Cleaning water tank stand 1 unit


  • · Plate supply block (For rigid plate)
  • · Plate supply block (For permanent plate)
  • · Cleaning agent, T-3000 (chlorine)

Washing Video


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