• Origin of our company

    We separate in 1993 the mother leading engineering company. The proposed automation (FA) originally, the factory, it was designed and constructed in response to the order. We have been challenged to anything human resources are aligned with the mechanical design, electrical design, PC software, microcomputer software sequence software and assembly.

  • Work that can be impressed

    It’s the work which served both as the hobby and utility of killing two birds with one stone to the person who likes thinking or making. Whatever it may say, it’s impressed with itself when it began to complete and move and our customer glad. There are many times that the tears came to words. In addition, this will not quit is the energy of the next job. It will place are there employees working in active service yet though 70 years old that small medium-size businesses only.

  • Creative method Qualified Company

    There is a certification process for creation of venture development. Our company had three affairs authorized. One of them is “fully automatic wire processing machine”. It was completed as a device that can be processed In a fully automatic wire harness for automobiles, this has grown to play a part of our company. The 2nd affairs is LED light sources. As camera lighting of the image processing apparatus for use in testing, this is sold all over the country, it becomes the ship to also overseas, we are playing a part again of our company. In addition, we are developing with the aim of the third pillar of our company in such sensors to detect in advance the concrete fall accident in the tunnel of 3 Items is “monitoring system”. We think that we would like to be a development type company to challenge various thing in future.

  • ISO Certification

    In an attempt to introduce the management system of (international standard of quality) ISO, Company, ISO9001 finally it took three years: we get the 2000 version. The ISO will pursue thoroughly what to do to get customer satisfaction. This is done for the management, the human resources for the education. If an order is received, sufficient arrangement will be performed with a customer. Check whether the meeting as every time our design. If a product is made, it will be checked whether we get a customer to be satisfied. Thus, ISO is what you expect a repeat order by the fans themselves by raising customer satisfaction. Company and they do not survive if we do not like this effort. Moreover, since in other words it is feeling easy to a company with ISO and being able to order from it, ISO serves as authorization to acquire in every company.

  • Towards the future

    We are a small company, but still for the future, and with the feet on the ground firmly step by step, we will continue walking. And, we will make an effort as possible in order to get satisfied many customers.

CEO Jun Tanaka





To ensure the development of our company and the happiness of our employees, we will contribute to society by exploring the possibilities of mechatronics and offering products that satisfy our customers.



    As a proposal- and development-focused company that anticipates leading trends in the fields of mechanical, electric, and electronic products and software creation, we will strive to fulfill the possibilities offered by mechatronics.



    As a member of the community, we will work towards community development with a sense of self-awareness and responsibility. As a natural circulation company, we will also strive to protect the environment.



    We will eliminate prejudice and discrimination, respect the human rights of the individual, and strive to create a happy workplace in which consideration for others and a sense of warmth are evident. We also place a priority on being a reliable partner in relationships with our customers and business partners.






Company Name Leimac Ltd.
CEO Jun Tanaka
Capital 20,000,000yen
Date of Establishment May 1993
Employees 150


1993 May IMAC founded as private limited company in Imahama-cho, Moriyama-City, Shiga
1994 August Re-registered as stock company
1995 August Initiated development of full-automatic electric-wire processing machine
1996 February Began sales of LED light equipment for image processing
1997 October Initiated development of heat-source monitoring control system
1998 March Advanced full-automatic electric-wire processing machine certified under the Shiga Prefectural Government Act on the Promotion of Creative Business Activities
March Fulfilling the requirements of the Shiga prefectural creation act as “Lighting Equipment for Image Processing”
September Headquarters moved to Sazukawa-cho, Moriyama-City
2000 October Strain gauge monitoring system certified as A-rank by the Shiga Prefecture Business Potential Evaluation Committee
2001 February Acquired ISO 9001:2000 Certification (FA System Department and LED Light Equipment Department)
June Acquired CE marking compliance certification for LED light equipment
2002 September The Lighting Equipment + FA for new plant expansion on site
2004 December Second plant new construction completed (LED department dedicated plant)
2005 January Authorized as a Medical Device Manufacturer (Permission number 25BZ6012)
February Acquired ISO 14001:2004 Certification (FA System Department and LED Light Equipment Department)
April Authorized as a Class 3 Medical Device Manufacturer (Permission number 25B3X00001)
2006 February Medical equipment item report “Chest diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy for patients fixture (Abches)”
April Japan Industrial Imaging Association as supporting member
Medical equipment item report “Radiation applicator”
2008 April Gained full membership of Japan Industrial Imaging Association
December Established No. 3 Factory
2010 September Received approval for plan for business utilizing local industrial resources in relation to fluorometric detectors
December Received approval for Supporting Industry plan for nanofibers
2011 June Received approval for new technology development plan for Step Aid
2012 November Authorized as a Class 1 Medical Device Manufacturer
2013 April Our Tokyo office was established in Akihabara, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
December Certification of the “Medical equipment development plan: improvement of walking analysis measurement and the cultivation of sales channels” to develop new business partnerships coopering with various fields
2014 February Selected in “Monozukuri” New selection in Kansai 2014
2015 October Established No.4 Factory
December Our Nagoya testing room is open in Nagoya-City, Aichi
2017 August Our Yasu lab is open in Yasu-City, Shiga
2018 August Our Tokyo office has moved to Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
2019(The 1st year of Reiwa era) September The company name changed to “Leimac Ltd”.
September Osaka testing room is established in Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-City, Osaka
2020 June Our Sendai office was established in Sendai-City, Miyagi
2022 February Osaka Testing Room renamed “Osaka Office”
2023 August Our Sendai office has moved to Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino Ward, Sendai-City, Miyagi





  • Tokyo Office

    2F Kameda Building, 2-5-6 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0047, JAPAN

    TEL:+81-3-6206-4838 FAX:+81-3-6206-4575

    5-minute walk from JR Kanda Station South Exit
    7-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Kanda station exit 2
    5-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Otemachi Station A2 exit




  • Osaka Office

    8F Shin-Osaka Chiyoda Building Bekkan, 4-4-63 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-City, Osaka, 532-0032, JAPAN

    TEL:+81-77-585-6771 FAX:+81-77-585-6773

    6-minute walk from Shin‐Osaka station.





  • Sendai Office

    5th floor, 5th floor, Sendai K Building
    5-1-23 Tsutsujigaoka, Miyagino Ward, Sendai-City, Miyagi, 980-0014, JAPAN

    TEL:+81-3-6206-4838 FAX:+81-3-6206-4575

    5-minute walk from JR Sendai Station





  • Nagoya Testing Room

    #302, Mutsumi Building 2, 1-8-7 Noritake, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-City, Aichi, 453-0014, JAPAN

    TEL:+81-77-585-6771 FAX:+81-77-585-6773

    7-minute walk from the Nagoya JR Station’s Taikōdōri kuchi exit








    • Environmental Philosophy

      We will work in environmental improvement activities with the goal of “making the environment friendly nature and local residents”.
      And we recognize that lead to that it’s continue to be a rich global environment that life can survive indefinitely by going to let me continue to spread this activity.

    • Environmental Policy

      Our company contributes to society as a development and reserch company of “craftsmanship”,
      and established an environmental management system in accordance with the following policy.

    • We will work to continuously improve each “minimizing the impact on the global environment” is a social responsibility as the origin of manufacturing.

    • We will strive to create products, such as to enrich the global environment as a creative challenge to manufacturing.

    • We will strive to comply with such agreements with regulatory-related location.

    • We will declare with Environmental protection and We will work to the next challenge

      • – Urge an environmental problem improvement and an depelopment of extension of life span products and a sale by recommendation.
      • – Reduction of waste
      • – Consciousness attachment and enforcement of energy saving
      • – It cooperates in waste reduction and energy reduction at a customer including packing and a physical distribution.
    • We strive an environmental policy to be known to the contractors and suppliers, as well as all employees and the general public in order to implement and maintain.




    If you handle personal information in business, our company handles in use range you posted.

    • It handles in use within the scope of the following if you want to get your personal information.

      • The use purpose is clarified when acquiring personal information, and offer is received with consent.

    • It handles in use within the scope of the following if we use personal information.

      • We will be used as contact for customers to

      • It utilize that it provide to information of a product or a service to our customers.

      • It may want to use for our business partners and we provide information about products and services.

      • It may want to use to make the information service based on the delegation.

      • It uses about the judical affairs of our company.

    • Management of personal information.

      • In order to properly manage personal information, and take reasonable safety measures.

      • If it is determined that the need to store your personal information to continue and no longer, it may want to erase your personal information.

      • Personal information is not notified, transferred and lent to a third party.

    • For inquiries about personal information

      • Company’s management from our customers personal information, if we have received disclosure of the contents, modify, or request deletion, properly on the purpose of such leakage prevention, and to confirm that it is him or her like supports.



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