We are developing and designing products that take quality of life into
consideration such as medical, welfare, and health promotion equipment.




We comply with requests for health promotion equipment as well as the development of medical devices and welfare equipment.

We make customers’ideas into reality based on science and technology, and continue to strive without fear to serve people as a member of society.


Healthcare Products



  • Sensor shoes and handy unit



    Shoe-shaped leg weight calculation: Balance Aid

    Balance Aid is a shoe-shaped calculator of weight on the leg.
    Tetrameric sensors measure the load and balance applied to the left and right foot when quiescent and walking.
    Easy measurement and visualization can be done simply by walking wherever you go.

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  • Sensor shoes and handy unit



    Walking analyzer: Step Aid

    Step Aid is a load measuring device you use just by walking while wearing it.
    It informs with sounds whether the walking load during rehabilitation is appropriate in real-time, and also visualizes the load state with a graph you can see at a glance.

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  • Respiratory monitoring device



    Respiratory monitoring device: Abches

    It facilitates the reproducibility of the respiratory arrest position based on the patient’s breathing and the recognition of the patient’s body surface position. This is done by converting the vertical movement of the body surface position of the chest and abdomen due to the patient’s respiration to the mechanical rotation of a pointer via a probe.



  • Measuring with a magic aid sensor


    magic aid sensor

    Magic Aid Sensor

    Magic Aid Sensor is our original flexible sensor made with a rubber sheet.
    It can be used for measuring load and bending amount.



  • PW Series


    micro-Plate Washer

    Fully automated microplate washer

    This is the equipment manufactured by our FA department for medical and research use that is also sold by our Healthcare department.

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  • Relief Lift



    Relief Lift

    It is a compact walker that can be used while relieving one’s load.
    Also, it is effective to use with Step Aid or Balance Aid.

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  • Using a trace coder


    Trace Coder

    It is an upper limb rehabilitation support terminal using a tablet computer provided by System Network.

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