We accept OEM and ODM manufacturing requests according to customer requirements.

We can handle numerous processes from trials to mass production of various precision
devices, electronic devices, and medical devices, as well as partial processing and mounting.

Product Development


We handle development and trials of image processing components such as electronic devices,
medical devices, light sources, and dimming power supplies.
We respond to commissioned development, OEM product development, and partial design process requests.

Firmware Design
We handle designing firmware for network and BLE communication, controlling medical equipment, and various electronic equipment. We can support all kinds of devices such as FPGAs, ARMs, and microcomputers.
Power Supply Design
We design power supplies that can be controlled externally via parallel communication, LAN, and USB.
We can support the commercialization of analog and digital circuits, artwork, housing design, etc.
UV Unit Design
We design UV irradiation devices using LED and optical power meters from prototypes.
We respond to requests for UV curing, UV sterilization, and a special spectroscopic detectors.
Special Light Source Design
We design dedicated light sources for special applications which can be responsible for a wide variety of purposes, from LED light sources for image processing to light sources for deep sea research.

3D printer

3D printer
Model confirmation from development to before mass production can be done quickly. Simple jigs can also be manufactured.

Product Production


We can provide precision, electronic, industrial, and medical equipment domestically,
including trial manufacture, design, partial process (processing and mounting), and small-scale production.
In addition, we can respond to trials and medium volume to mass production with our overseas partners.

  • 汎用切削加工機

    Processing Equipment

    Universal cutting machine

    We can handle small-scale prototypes from one unit and additional machining such as cutting.

    Possession machine Maximum processing size Material
    2 lathes φ360xL600 Various resins, aluminum, stainless steel, iron
    2 milling cutters 1000×400×400mm
  • Long ruler

    Processing Equipment

    Long ruler

    Handles cutting and drilling of long materials such as extruded materials.

    Possession machine Maximum processing size Material
    Fuji Machinery
    Ball screw specifications<
    4000×350×300mm Aluminum
  • Turret punch press machine

    Processing Equipment

    Turret punch press machine

    We support multi-type, small-quantity processing by combining hundreds of different molds with different sizes and shapes.

    Possession machine Maximum object size Maximum thickness
    AMADA AE255NT 1270×1270mm 3.2mm
  • Laser processing machine

    Processing Equipment

    Laser processing machine

    Since no mold is required, a free shape such as a curve can be cut.

    Possession machine Maximum object size Maximum thickness
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
    CO2 laser
    2400×1200mm SUS 6mm, Aluminum 4mm, Iron 12mm
  • Automatic solder robot

    Mounting robot

    Automatic solder robot

    It is ideal for replacement from manual operation due to its multi-type, small-quantity, and high quality support.

    Possession machine Maximum object size
    Apollo Seiko Co., Ltd.(J-CAT340COMET)
    N2 flow compatible
  • Assembly cell production

    Internal production

    Assembly cell production

    We specialize in variable-item, variable-lot production on assembly cell production lines for precision and electronic equipment, and can handle production from one unit.

EMS Collaboration with Suppliers

We have the quality control and supplier’s processing know-how gained through the manufacture of our products such as SMT, resin molding, extrusion molding, press processing, 3D laser, and surface treatment.

Oversea Production

We can handle from prototype to mass production as a local EMS partner.
We can enact cost reductions with a wide range of capabilities cooperating with local processing partners and distributors of each components.

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Machine Manufacturing


We have consistently, from designing to manufacturing to maintenance, installed production equipment for general industries, image inspection machines, cleaning equipment for hospitals, etc., based on customers’ requests.

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