Shoe-type leg weight calculator Balance Aid




Shoe-type leg weight calculator Balance Aid

Walking with Balance Aid

Can measure the weight and balance easily just by being worn!

Balance Aid is a shoe-shaped calculator of weight on the leg.
Tetrameric sensors measure the load and balance applied to the left and right foot when quiescent and walking.
Easy measurement and visualization can be done simply by walking wherever you go.



3-minute Balance Aid Promotion Movie

It is equipped with an accelerometer and gyro sensor which can be applied beyond the medical field.

Features of Balance Aid

  • You can simultaneously check the appropriate load range, excess load line, insufficient load line on one screen


    It can calculate the load.

    Easy-to-take-off shoe type. After putting it on and walking, our exclusively developed sheet sensor measures the load weight. Rehabilitation can be proceeded while checking the load with sound. The appropriate load range, overloaded line, and underloaded line are displayed on the Handy Unit, which helps for rehabilitation while checking the status of the load at a glance.

  • Using Balance Aid to measure


    Possible to measure the balance

    Sensors that divide the foot sole into four displays the balance on the left and right in real time on the handy unit. In addition, by analyzing the trajectory of the center of gravity of each foot with a computer, it does not only improve one’s gait, but also approaches ideal walking.
    * Synchronization of movies is also possible as an option.


  • 出力されたレポート


    Leg load report output

    When open-eye / closed-eye measurement is performed with the original software “Balance aid measurement”, it is possible to output the lower limb load report and the center of gravity sway report. Furthermore, it is possible to output the walk analysis report of walking measurement.

    Walking analysis report sampl



Product Specifications

■ Overall

Load measurement accuracy Maximum allowable limit of error: 20-120kg at ±10% (After calibration)
Load weight measurement range 10-120kg (Can be specified at measurements of 1kg)
Load weight informing function A different buzzer sounds when within the appropriate load range and within an excessive load range
Additional Function Constant monitoring for battery depletion / Energy efficient
Terms of use Temperature of 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃ / Hospital’s flat road surface / No water resistance
Common Name Shoe-shaped leg weight calculation
Report Number 25B1X10003000018


■ Battery

AA Nickel-hydrogen (1.2V) or AA Alkaline Batteries (1.5V)

1 per Shoe Unit (2 if both legs) + 2 for Handy Units


■ Components

  • Sensor Shoes

    Sensor Shoes

  • Shoes Unit

    Shoes Unit

  • Handy Unit

    Handy Unit

  • PC Laptop to analyze the trajectory of the center of gravity for each foot


Sensor Shoes Each leg (Size: 283×114×100mm Weight: Approx. 500g)
Shoes Unit Size: 99×63×27mm Weight: Approx. 70g x 2 units
Handy Unit Size: 140×80×25mm Weight: Approx. 190g per unit
Laptop 1 unit including special software
Rechargeable battery 4pc
Charger 1pc
Disposable shoe insoles 10pcs
Neck strap 1pc
USB cable 1pc
Instruction manual, associated documentation, warranty 1set

Product Warranty

Duration: 1 year from delivery date

If a failure occurs during the above warranty period due to a product defect, we will repair or replace the defective part free of charge. If the cause is not due to a product defect, a repair fee will be charged.


Download Product Data

Balance aid catalog Download Data
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