Relief Walking Lift, POPO

Relief Walking Lift, POPO

Using a walking relief lift POPO
  • Natural walking with right and left independent suspensions

  • Safe standing with a suspension lift

  • Safe rehabilitation with fall prevention

  • It can also be used as a standing lift.

It is a compact walker that can be used while relieving the weight. The front wheels are equipped with three stages: free traveling, straight traveling, and stopping. The rear wheels are equipped with reverse rotation prevention and forward loading function. Also, it is effective to use with the Step Aid or Balance Aid.

Manufacturer: Moritoh Corporation

Features of Relief Walking Lift POPO

  • Point1


    Reliable POPO and comfortable harness firmly support an unstable body.

  • Point2


    Pleasant weight distribution relief makes walking for extended periods of time possible.

  • Point3


    Compact design compared with the conventional model makes it possible to pass through a door of 80 cm width.

  • Point4


    Actuators are battery-powered powerful specifications of 24V 6000N.

Relief Walking Lift POPO was developed under the auspices of the Social Welfare Promotion Support Project of the Welfare and Medical Service Agency.

Product Specification

Adjustments can be made to suit the user's needs

Lifting Mass 100kg
Lifting range 590mm~1360mm
Operation method Operation panel button, assistant hand switch
Input voltage AC100V-50/60Hz
Output voltage DC24V
Safety Function Emergency stop button, Emergency descent switch (EMERGENCY)
Body / legs Material: Iron
Body Mass 35kg

Dedicated harness option

Harness (Mesh type) Size/SS – S – M – L – LL
Harness (Chloroprene) Size/SS – S – M – L – LL
Harness light Size/S – M – L
Harness Vest (Optional) Size/S ~ M – M ~ L

※ The harness (mesh type / chloroprene) /Harness vest (TSV) are joint development products with Kariya Toyoda General Hospital Eastern Institute (rehabilitation department).

Manufacturer: Moritoh Corporation

3-36, Higashishima-cho, Ichinomiya-shi, Aichi 491-0074

TEL +81-586-71-6151
FAX +81-586-72-4555



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