Narrow-angle light distribution backlight surface lightIHM-V series

Advanced high brightness transmissive lighting

Chip-type LED transmissive lighting, low cost, high output, and light weight.

There are five sizes from small to large.

Emission colors are white, red, and blue.

IHM series

Dec. 24, 2021 End of production

Replacement:IHMA-V series

IHM lighting structure
Model Input Voltage Color Dimensions (W/D/H)
IHM-25/30-V DC12V whiteredblue 42mm/32mm/17mm
IHM-66/60-V DC12V whiteredblue 90mm/70mm/17mm
IHM-108/114-V DC12V whiteredblue 132mm/124mm/17mm
IHM-150/142-V DC12V whiteredblue 174mm/152mm/17mm
IHM-214/226_HV-V DC24V whiteredblue 238mm/236mm/17mm

Illuminance Distribution Chart(Reference values only)

IHM Product Description 01

Brightness comparison with previous models

IHM Product Description 03

Functionnal Characteristics

IHM Product Description 02