High-Intensity Chip Led Surface LightIHMA series

High-intensity transmitted lighting that has evolved from IHM series

The IHMA series is a chip-type transmissive lighting solution that delivers high output at an affordable price in a lightweight package.

The model product lineup includes 5 sizes from small to large, and 4 rectangular shapes, for a total of 9 sizes.

A lineup of white, red, and blue light emission colors.

IHMA series

IHMA lighting structure

Model Input Voltage Color Dimensions (W/D/H)
IHMA-25/30 DC12V whiteredblue 42mm/32mm/17mm
IHMA-66/60 DC12V whiteredblue 90mm/70mm/17mm
IHMA-108/114 DC12V whiteredblue 132mm/124mm/17mm
IHMA-150/142 DC12V whiteredblue 174mm/152mm/17mm
IHMA-30/66 DC12V whiteredblue 47mm/68mm/17mm
IHMA-108/60 DC12V whiteredblue 132mm/70mm/17mm
IHMA-150/114 DC12V whiteredblue 174mm/124mm/17mm
IHMA-214/142 DC12V whiteredblue 238mm/152mm/17mm
IHMA-214/226_HV DC24V whiteredblue 238mm/236mm/17mm

Functional characteristics

IHMA Product Description 01

Increased Brightness

Approx. 170% increase in white brightness with a 108×114 size. It can also be used for high-speed inspection.
IHMA Product Description 02

New rectangular sizes added

New rectangle sizes are added to the conventional sizes.
Efficient irradiation is possible for rectangular objects
IHMA Product Description 03

Highly customizable

A dome-like effect by enclosing the object between two lightings
IHMA Product Description 04

2 types of light distribution

Our product lineup includes both diffused and narrow angle distribution for all sizes.

Light distribution is selectable based on the object.

IHMA Product Description 05

Image Example

IHMA Product Description 06