【new product】 LED lighting:Notice of B’C line lighting IDBA-LE-A series Release


From December 24, 2020, we will start selling the brighter B’C line lighting IDBA-LE-A series.
・B’C line lighting: IDBA-LE-A series
IDBA-LE-A series is a high-brightness B’C line lighting that uses higher-brightness LED elements than the existing IDBA-LE series .
The brightness is increased by about 1.3 to 1.6 times compared to the existing product, and the brightness of about 4.5 times (white) can be obtained by overdrive compared to the constant light.
We have a lineup of 4 colors, including white (AW), which is already on sale, and 3 colors, red (AR) / blue (AB) / ultraviolet 405nm (AUV-405).
We have a lineup of wide-angle light distribution type (S) / narrow-angle light distribution type (L) for all sizes.
・Wide-angle light distribution type to illuminate a wide area at a short distance
・Narrow-angle light distribution type to illuminate long distances brightly
And, you can select the light distribution type according to the inspection target.
As with existing products, the standard size is 450 mm for the DC12V type and 1200 mm for the DC24V type.
The power consumption is the same as the existing product of the same size, and it is easy to replace.
Please refer to here for the main specifications.

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