【new product】 LED lighting: Notice of High Uniformity Bar light IDBA-HMS-IR series Release


From January 12, 2021, we will start selling the high uniform bar light IDBA-HMS-IR series.
・High Uniformity Bar light:IDBA-HMS-IR
Infrared wavelengths (850nm, 950nm) have been added to the compact size bar light IDBA-HMS series!
By using infrared wavelengths, inspections that cannot be done with visible light are possible.
【Product features】
・Since the housing is compact, it can be installed even in a small space.
Can be manufactured with a width of 25 mm, a height of 30 mm, and a light emitting surface length of up to 800 mm.
・Since the diffuser plate is installed as standard, the work can be irradiated evenly.
For more specifications, please refer to this.

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