【new product】 LED lighting: Notice of Full-color RGB Light IMAR-RGB and IDDA-KH-RGB Series Release


The full-color RGB light IMAR-RGB series and IDDA-KH-RGB series went on sale on February 17, 2021.
・Full-color RGB light : IMAR-RGB series
・Full-color RGB light : IDDA-KH-RGB series
In addition to the variation of RGB full-color light,
the IMAR-RGB series that makes use of the characteristics of multi-positioning lighting IMAR series and the IDDA-KH-RGB series that makes use of the characteristics of dome lighting IDDA-KH series have been newly added.
【Product Features】
 - The optimal color can be created with RGB full-color lighting by setting each emitting lighting color in detail.
 - IMAR can be expected to have effects such as coaxial illumination and low-angle illumination by changing the distance from the target object.
 - IDDA-KH can irradiate uniformly from all directions, which makes it possible to capture shadow-free images even on curved or uneven objects.
 For more specifications, please refer to this link for the IMAR-RGB series and this link for the IDDA-KH-RGB series.

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