【new product】 Notice of Digital PWM Controller IDGC Release


We will start selling the IDGC series of digital PWM controllers on December 1, 2022.
・Digital PWM Controller: IDGC series
 PWM controller with high functionality
【Product Features】
 ・PWM controller driven by constant voltage method
 ・Rated capacity can be selected from 30W / 50W / 100W / (150W) according to the purpose of use.
  150W is only available for DC24V input type.
 ・Number of channels can be selected from 2CH, 4CH, and 8CH.
 ・External control is selectable from 3 types: “TP” for Ethernet communication, “S2” for RS-232C communication, and “PV” for 8-bit parallel communication/analog 0-5V.
 ・Programming functions that were included in the IDGB-PG series are now included as standard.
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