【Important】 Business Alliance with Smart Vision Lights


Leimac Ltd. is pleased to announce that it will enter into a business alliance agreement with Smart Vision Lights on Wednesday, September 13, 2023, to begin handling SVL products in Japan.
Business Alliance
SVL is a global leader of high-speed/high-brightness illumination for the logistics and warehouse industries, innovative specialty illumination for robot vision, and factory automation products. SVL’s LED illumination, which incorporates a proprietary current-controlled driver that significantly reduces installation and wiring time required to build systems, is deployed in a wide range of industries including logistics, primarily in North America.
The agreement will position both companies with a global network to serve diverse markets and customers, and is expected to leverage the combined strengths of the two companies to develop innovative products and solutions to meet the changing needs of global customers.
【About Smart Vision Lights】
Founded in 2007, SVL is a world leader in the design and manufacture of logistics illumination and machine vision solutions for industrial applications.
■ Company Profile
President and CEO:Dave Spaulding
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