【Product information】 Notice of discontinued product (IDBA-LE series、IHR-LE series)


We announces the end-of-sale of some products, due to the discontinue of the components and production optimization.
Please purchase the items by the end of sales date.
We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
【Target model】
※ □ represents the length of light.
※ △ represents S(wide-distribution model) or L(narrow-distribution model).
※ ▲ represents S(wide-distribution model), L(narrow-distribution model),
  C50(condensing at WD: 50mm model) or C100(condensing at WD: 100mm model).
※ DC24V specification has “HV” at the end of its model name.
※ DC12V specification has none.
【New model】

 Discontinued model  New model
 IDBA-LE□△-G(HV)  →  None
 IDBA-LE□△-Y(HV)  →  None
 IHR-LE90▲-R(HV)  →  IHR-LE90▲-AR(HV)
 IHR-LE90▲-B(HV)  →  IHR-LE90▲-AB(HV)

【End of sales date】
December 25th, 2020
Click here for the details.

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