We succeeded in developing a portable spectroscopic detector for biofluorescent reagents.


Optera Products



  • LED units of different size


    ultraviolet LED unit


    We have a lineup of 255 nm – 365 nm LED units.
    * It can be combined with an optional condenser lens, optical fiber, optical filter. (255, 260, 270, 280, 290, 300, 310, 320, 330, 340, 350, 365 nm)


  • Lighting power supply with current display monitor


    Lighting Equipment power supply


    Power supply device which is specified for the LED unit with a current display monitor.
    The measurement can also be performed using our Optical Power Meter (OPT-MSD01).



  • Light source device with built-in monitoring system


    Fiber multi-channel light source


    Up to 8 ultraviolet LED units “”OPT-Lxx”” can be connected.
    It has a built-in monitoring system that can see the projection wavelength in real time and is capable of the current wavelength control that creates selectable light projection waveforms.



  • Wide detection range light receiving device


    Optical power meter


    A light receiving detection device having light receiving sensitivity from ultraviolet (190 nm) to visible light (550 nm). It can correspond to measurement environment drift and real-time comparison with reference sample / calculation by using two heads.
    * We can prepare a wide range of wavelength types from ultraviolet (190 nm) to infrared (1100 nm).



  • Filter graph


    UV bandpass filter


    We have a lineup of 255 nm – 365 nm LED units.
    It is a 10 × 10 mm high transmittance bandpass filter which is mainly attached to the light receiving side.
    We have every wavelength available in stock, and can take order of different sizes as well.



  • Spectral measurement display monitor with liquid crystal touch panel


    Spectrometer display monitor


    Measurement results from CCD and PD are calculated and displayed on the liquid crystal touch panel monitor.
    It is also possible to superimpose spectral waveforms and actual measurement values ​​of pd on the object image captured by the camera. It can save data and can also be built as a logger of long experiments. Please use it as an operation / display monitor for the dedicated spectrometer.



  • Photodetector using high sensitivity sensor


    PMT (Photomultiplier Tube) photodetector


    It is a light detection device using our high sensitivity photosensor, “Photomaru”.
    It detects 230 to 870 nm ultraviolet to near-infrared light with high sensitivity.



  • Options

    The light receiving head of the light receiving device “OPT – MSD” and the Lighting Equipment power supply “OPT – MS 01” head are the common standards, and optional parts of the condensed lens, the optical filter, and the light guide optical fiber can be attached.
    In addition, it is possible to propose a projecting / receiving system with a special order.



Production example

We take a dedicated spectroscopic detector order with your requirements. (From one prototype to mass production)

  • Exemplary layout of fluorescence / absorption experiment in quartz cell


    • Fluorescence and absorption experiment in quartz cell

    • Attach the light guiding fiber to the quartz cell to the LED unit

  • Exemplary layout solid materia spectroscopic experiment


    • Solid-state spectroscopy experiment

    • Light receiving unit and LED unit

    • Design plan of solid-state spectroscopy experiment


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